GoMore+ Subscription Terms & Conditions

Last updated February 23, 2024

These terms and conditions govern your GoMore+ subscription (hereinafter “Subscription” or “GoMore+”) that renews automatically and includes specific benefits and discounts defined in the GoMore app and website (hereinafter “GoMore Service”). The Subscription is subject to these GoMore+ Subscription Terms, as well as GoMore’s General Terms, Rental Terms, and Rental Insurance Terms all of which are incorporated herein by reference.

In Spain, GoMore operates under the brand name Amovens. All mentions of the GoMore+ subscription plan also apply to the Amovens+ plan.


The basics of the GoMore+ subscription are:

  • As a subscriber to GoMore+ you are entitled to a percentage discount on all rental bookings made on GoMore. The percentage discount depends on the level of your subscription plan and market. See prices and discounts of various GoMore+ plans here:
    • https://gomore.dk/plus
    • https://gomore.se/plus
    • https://gomore.fi/plus
    • https://gomore.ch/plus
    • https://amovens.com/plus
  • The Subscription is subject to a 3 month binding period, meaning that you commit to paying for at least three months of the chosen subscription plan.
  • The Subscription will renew automatically after the monthly payment period unless you cancel the Subscription. You can cancel anytime in your user profile. See section 3 "Canceling your GoMore+ subscription" below.
  • The Subscription is offered for a monthly fee payable at the start of the relevant subscription period.

By buying the Subscription you agree to these GoMore+ Terms and Conditions. You also agree to have your payment method charged monthly in every billing cycle on a recurring basis during the term of your Subscription. The Subscription is subject to change so please make sure you check the current details of the Subscription on GoMore.

The benefits granted with the Subscription are applicable for bookings of all rental cars that the User is eligible to rent given insurance and GoMore requirements on the vehicle while the Subscription is active. The benefits do not apply to confirmed bookings that exist at the time of signing up for the Subscription.

You are able to view and manage your Subscription by tapping the tab GoMore+ in the Account of your user profile in the GoMore Service. You can see and manage the settings including payment method, membership end date (if the Subscription has been canceled), and next payment date through your user profile.


You can purchase GoMore+ directly on the GoMore platform by tapping the GoMore+ tab on the GoMore platform. You can see details of your Subscription and choose payment method before confirming the purchase of GoMore+.

You can buy the Subscription for a month, and you will be billed in advance. When you buy the Subscription, you'll be charged the subscription fee for your first billing cycle on the date of purchase, which activates GoMore+. The Subscription is subject to a 3 month binding period.

The billing cycle is based on the initial purchase date and the payment method you selected when purchasing the Subscription will be charged in accordance with the payment cycle. If you do not want GoMore+ Subscription to automatically renew, you can cancel your subscription in accordance with Section 3 below.

If we are unable to process your payment, GoMore will ask you to select a different payment method. If your payment fails during the recurring payment cycle, we reserve the right to terminate your Subscription automatically or to charge the subscription fee after a pre-defined period retroactively calculated from the original payment cycle start date.


You can cancel your Subscription at any time. You can cancel your subscription in your user profile in the GoMore Service.

If you cancel your Subscription, you will still have access to the benefits within GoMore+ until the end of the ongoing payment cycle that you have paid for. All monthly payments are non-refundable and non-transferable and will not be refunded for any cancellation initiated during a billing cycle.

If you cancel your GoMore+ subscription before the end of the 3 month binding period, GoMore will continue to charge your payment card according to the billing cycle for all remaining months before the end of the binding period.


GoMore may modify the terms and contents of the Subscription or stop offering the GoMore+ Subscription in one or several countries and reserves the right to do so. However, we will not make changes to the Subscription that have a notable adverse affect on you without giving a minimum of a 14-day prior written notice.

Changes to your subscription fee are given a 30-day prior written notice. The changes will enter into force automatically after the notice period, but you can cancel your subscription in accordance with the instructions in Section 3 above.

GoMore is entitled to terminate the Subscription of a User with immediate effect if: (i) the User abuses the GoMore Service or Subscription or causes any harm or detriment to the use of the GoMore Service or the Partners or GoMore or GoMore’s employees; (ii) GoMore has reasonable belief of fraudulent acts by the User when using the Subscription, or (iii) the User otherwise fails to comply with the obligations arising from these GoMore Subscription Terms or applicable laws. GoMore reserves the right to withhold already paid Subscription charges if the Subscription is terminated due to a circumstance defined in this section.


GoMore’s privacy statement referenced here describes our processing of personal data in relation to your use of the GoMore Service.

We will not use or collect any additional personal data from you due to the Subscription, except the details of your Subscription plan, including the price, payment method, validity time, and benefits included.

GoMore processes the above personal data to be able to offer the Subscription to you under the contract between you and GoMore. We use the data to enable you to use the benefits of your Subscription and show the status and handle your payments of the Subscription. If you contact our customer support, we will use the information provided by you to answer your questions or solve your complaint.

GoMore processes the personal data to perform our contractual obligations towards you and to comply with legal obligations.


Please contact us without undue delay in case you notice any unauthorized charges on your Subscription payment method or in case you have a complaint with the Subscription.

Email: support@gomore.dk

Email: support@gomore.se

Email: support@gomore.fi

Email: support@gomore.ch

Email: support@gomore.at

Email: support@gomore.ee

Email: ayuda@amovens.com