3 good reasons to lease a car with GoMore

Burcu · 19. Juli 2023

Dear GoMore users,

We recently started offering vehicle leasing to our community. Here are 3, we think, good reasons why the leasing concept of GoMore can be useful for you.

1. Have a car like you have Spotify.

Everyone talks about the world moving away from "ownership" towards "usage". For example, we pay a subscription to Spotify and Netflix and get access to music and movies instead of owning them. Owning a car is also a thing of the past, we believe.

With leasing, you pay to use a car for a certain period of time, but you don't own the car. Instead, the car belongs to a leasing company, which makes it available to you. Leasing companies are experts at buying and selling cars. They buy in bulk and have access to cheap financing. Therefore, leasing is often cheaper than buying and financing your own car.

2. Cover the costs with GoMore Carsharing.

GoMore Leasing is the happy marriage between the sharing economy and leasing. On GoMore you can lease a car and rent it out when you're not using it yourself.

We have made it easy to have a car by offering leased cars including insurance and service. The cars require little or no down payment and the contracts are flexible. Leasing customers who rent their car through GoMore usually cover up to half of the car’s costs with it. Especially if you live in a big city and the car is unused and therefore available many days a month, there are good opportunities for leasing + car sharing.

3. It makes sense.

Not only do you help your own finances, but you also help many satisfied tenants by sharing or renting out your car. We believe that cars should be shared to make better use of these already existing resources. This gives more people access to mobility and limits resource consumption.

We would be happy to discuss further benefits with you personally. Please feel free to call us at +41 43 508 87 99.

Kind regards, Burcu from GoMore